Hi I am Kacper Szarkiewicz.

Software Engineer passionate about the world of Web3.

I help exploring and mastering the art of creating quality software in the Web3 landscape.

My Experience.

  1. Software Engineer as Deloitte Switzerland Assosiate

    Development of Deloitte Credentials Wallet and Kyc-credentials dApp based on KILT Protocol.

  2. Frontend Developer at Apptension

    Responsible for creating mobile and web apps. I was involved in the mobile app development of Home+, Vowel Mobile App and many more...

    React NativeKotlinReact.jsNext.jsReduxTypescriptLodashSCSSWebpack
  3. Fullstack Developer at Qvistorp

    Develop Qvistorp Growth Application.

  4. Intern Frontend Developer at Dige

    Creating mobile/web application for shopping on streams (live). Sell your clothes on a stream, build your community where you can sell things in a trusted way.

  5. Frontend Developer at Lemonova

    Creating websites from simple landpages to more complicated services. Add functionalities to existing websites.

  6. Start of my programming journey...

Photo of Kacper Szarkiewicz

Exploring the Harmony of Code and Melody

In 2022, I began my journey with music. Once I reached my desired level of programming understanding and IT expertise, I started working on my own music. I sing, compose, and play the piano.

  1. Start learning music

  2. Release first song

  3. Release first album

My NFT Collection.

Here is my small collection of NFTs. Click on the NFT to see it at Opensea.

Image of thePolacy NFT Image of thePolacy NFT Image of thePolacy NFT Image of thePolacy NFT Image of thePolacy NFT Image of thePolacy NFT